Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Some Pictures...

Brooke is getting chubby chubby legs! She is starting to smile, but catching it on camera is TOUGH!


  1. She is beautiful. I have been praying for you guys and will be thinking of you on Friday. I have no words to make you feel better, just know that you have a lot of people praying for Brooke and your family. We are here if you need anything.
    Love and prayers,

  2. She is so cute. You guys do good work. I am just now reading all your notes and history I was unaware of the health issues. You are right that the Lord has special purpose for Brooke. I know that He holds her in his loving and healing hands. I will begin the prayers immediately. I am one that really does understand the power of prayer.

  3. Tricia, not sure how I did this but the comment was from me Kathi Boyle and Bill is my dad. Sometimes the wonderful world of computers and technology is beyond me. Sorry